New jEdit Syntax Edit Modes for Perl+HTML & XML+CDATA + HTML

I love my syntax highlighting in jEdit, and why shouldn’t I?  Good Syntax Highlighting helps you catch code errors early.  So about 2 years ago, I created a custom jEdit “Edit Mode” so that HTML buried in your XML CDATA tags would be Syntax Highlighted.  Here is the original post on Google Groups ( ).

Here is the custom Edit Mode for XML->CDATA->HTML c-xml.xml

It uses a simple trick to identify the CDATA with HTML with a special CDATA tag like the one below

<![CDATA[ <!--HTML-->
       <!-- friendly neighborhood web page -->

The perl version is here perl-html.xml

So for the perl version i use the structure of Perl’s HEREDOCS and use the following java capable regex


Which will HTML Syntax highlight any perl HEREDOC as HTML if it has <!– HTML –> in it so the following should syntax highlight.  There is however, one bug.  If your HEREDOC is not well formed, meaning you have an unclosed tag css object, or  javascript call, then the syntax highlighting gets stuck.  Maybe I will figure out how to make this work for non well-formed HTML.  any ideas?

<<< EOT <!-- HTML -->
        <!-- friendly neighborhood web page -->

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